Aminio RosicPrivate Sector Development Project in South Serbia

Market stall owner: Arminio Rosic (SDC)

This project with the goal “Increased income opportunities and quality jobs, particularly for young people and women” conducted research which made clear that there are scarce and missing profiles in the labor market. The demand for required skills and the offer do not match. The solution was the establishment of a training center (TC) within one furniture company to provide on the job training.

IMG_0057The training center was assisted in developing its business model and in identifying working profiles that are the most demanded by furniture manufacturers and that require an intensive on-the-job training. The intervention had broad outreach, i.e. towards the 7 furniture companies, training providers, National Employment Service, Technical school, Ministry of Education.

IMG_0056The intervention, first focusing in informal training providers had high leverage, i.e. the results from the informal sector trainings were used to persuade formal training providers (high and vocational schools) to develop curricula responsive to the private companies’ needs. As a result of the intervention, during the last 6 months, 400 women and men found sustainable employment. In short, it can be said, that the project developed a kind of Serbian dual vocational education system (for more details on that topic see video)

video coming soon

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