Under this tab you will find all information on the Private Sector Development & Financial Sector Development (PSD & FSD) activities. This includes the SDC organised visits to selected private sector actors in Switzerland as well as the Wednesday meeting platform between SDC practitioners and social enterprises around the world.

HystraApril 29 (day 3 programme): The heart of this module is the meeting platform between SDC colleagues and companies working with disadvantaged people. The day was organized by Hystra starting the day  with an overview of the topic and its key concepts and findings. Read the presentation’s summary!

DSC_0699After the presentation participants from the public and the private sector joined one of the 7 discussion groups to discuss in greater detail what the other does and thinks, and what kind of collaborations can be envisaged between the public and the private sector. What came out of it? Read our summary!

P1060238April 28 (day 2): SDC participants visited private actors in Switzerland. First stop: the chocolate factory Chocolats Halba. Halba is working with farmers from South America to boost organic cocoa plantations. Next stop: the hotel management school Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern (SHL). Together with Swisscontact SHL develops curricula for hotel management schools in Asia.



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