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You can view the program here below or download a print version here: PDFiconsmall

Monday 27.04.2015

Opening, introduction to the topic and exchange on own experiences

Time Activity Docs & links
08:30 Arrival of participants, registration & coffee
09:00 Opening by by Sybille Suter, Head Latin America & Caribbean Division, SDC
09:20 Objectives and program; introduction of participants
09:40 Introduction to the topic “effective partnerships with the private sector” by Peter Beez, e+i focal point, SDC  PDFiconsmall
10:00 Key note: Development cooperation and the private sector by Rita Stupf, Senior Advisor und Deputy Director at cinfo  PDFiconsmall
10:30 Key note: Private sector perspective on development by Patrick Struebi, Social Entrepreneur, Ashoka Fellow and founder of Fairtrasa  PDFiconsmall
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Panel: Key elements of partnerships with the private sector
(Sybille Suter, Peter Beez, Rita Stupf, Patrick Struebi)
12:20 Wrap-up of the morning & introduction to the afternoon program
12:30 Lunch
14:15 Market stalls (Round 1)
Learning from ongoing programs and experiences from participants: how, when and where to partner with the private sector.
15:30 Coffee break
15:50 Market stalls (Round 2)
17:00 Wrap up of day 1: Remarks, findings, lessons, open questions for the white board
17:30 Closing of day 1

Tuesday 28.04.2015

Field visits (SDC only)


GroupVSDThe VSD group visits gad Foundation in the morning. The aim of this field visit is to get to know a social firm and its concept of labour market integration and get inspired by models that may be adapted in the participants’ own work context

Time Activity Docs & links
08:30 Meeting outside Hotel Freienhof for all participants of PSD/FSD group and bus transfer to Restaurant &Söhne, Berne
09:40 Introduction: Overview of the day and the two visits, objectives of the field visit, open questions
10:00 Presentation by gad Foundation; Q&A PDFiconsmall
Presentation by Gesundheits- und Fürsorgedirektion des Kantons Bern; Q&A PDFiconsmall
11:40 Guided Tour: Restaurant & Söhne
12:10 Wrap-up
12:45 Bus transfer from Berne to Lucerne, SHL, with lunch bag
14:15 Arrival in Lucerne

GroupPSDThe FSD group visits Chocolats Halba, Wallisellen in the morning. The aim of this visit is to get to know Swiss private companies and institutions and their way of working in the cocoa value chain (Chocolats Halba) and learn about ongoing collaborations between SDC and Chocolats Halba in Honduras.

Time Activity Docs& links
07:45 Meeting outside Hotel Freienhof for all participants of PSD/FSD group and bus transfer to Chocolats Halba, Wallisellen
10:15 Welcome by Chocolats Halba, Short insight into marketing of products from Honduras
10:30 Visit of the chocolate factory
11:30 Presentations on Chocolats Halba‘s engagement in the cocoa sector in Honduras and Ecuador as well as the collaboration between the company and SDC in Honduras. Q&A, Discussion on opportunities, challenges, possibilities for improvements in collaborations between SDC and the private sector on the example of Chocolats Halba
12:30 Chocolate degustation on the topic of „different cocoa origins – different tastes“
13:10 Bus transfer from Chocolats Halba to Lucerne, SHL, with lunch bag
14:15 Arrival in Lucerne

Short descriptions of the visited entities are available for download (PDFiconsmall Download PDF)


Both groups Visit to Swiss Hotel Management Academy Lucerne (SHL), in Lucerne.

14:30 Presentation by Swiss Hotel Management Academy LucernePresentation of the Project Myanmar, Q&A
15:50 School visit
16:00 Exchange of experiences and lessons learnt PSD/FSD and VSD groups
16:30 School visit
16:45 Apero
18:00 Return to Thun, Hotel Freienhof in Bus 1 (arrival in Thun by 20:00) OR Free time in Lucerne for participants who choose to take Bus 2
20:00 Return to Thun, Hotel Freienhof in Bus 2 (arrival in Thun by 22:00)

Wednesday 29.04.2015

Learning and Capacity Building

08:00 Arrival, registration and coffee for participants who join for the day
08:30 Participants split into 2 groups:
17:00 Closing of day 3
17:45 SDC participants and speakers only: departure for social event at Niesen, (arrival back in Thun: 23:00)

Thursday 30.04.2015

Exchange and the way forward (SDC only)

08:45 Arrival
09:00 Review of Wednesday
09:30 Presentation of e+i network program / Result chain
09:45 Decide on topics and build working groups and/or open space for new ideas
10:00 Working groups (round 1) on pending topics (4-6 working groups)
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Working groups (round 2) on pending topics (4-6 working groups)
12:30 Lunch
14:00 The way forward: Review of the collaboration agreements; Invite other members to the working groups
14:30 Final review of work plan
14:50 Evaluation of the event
15:10 Impressions from participants: final short statements
15:30 Official closing
15:45 Farewell ceremony