IMG_0223The last day of the f2f meeting is dedicated to the way forward. Peter Beez presents the work plan of the e+i network for the years to come. The network’s mission is to improve the quality of our projects in order to enable systemic change and finally create income and employment for poor, disadvantaged and excluded populations. E-discussions are one key instrument of collaboration within the network. To maximize our outreach we are also involved in international networks such as BEAMexchange, DCED, DC dVET, CGAP, and the Microinsurance Network. If you need any kind of professional support, just contact the backstopping team contracted by the e+i network.

IMG_0255All participants then elaborate on topics to work on in the months to come. This is the list of topics that pop up (for more details see documentation of the pin boards below):

  • Strategies for dealing with social entrepreneurship (Mersiha)
  • Adapt e+i tools for fragile contexts and humanitarian aid (Ivan)
  • Social enterprises and systemic change (market systems development/M4P) (Marcus)
  • Effective collaboration with the private sector inside projects (Peter)
  • VET and the private sector (Amparo and Simon)
  • Agriculture and disaster insurance group (Nathalie)
  • Inventory and backstopping regarding apprenticeships (Carin and Simon)
  • VSD and migration (Stefan Bigler)
  • Exchange at global and regional level (José Luis)
  • Guide on e+i principles, methods and approaches, linking VSD, PSD and FSD (Marylaure)
  • Financing VSD and effectiveness (Mary-Luce)
  • Review application of Common Outcome Indicators (Focal Point?)
  • Measuring productivity and job creation gains, case studies (Derek and Roman)
  • Good practice guidelines on DCED standard (Stefan Butscher and Ia)
  • DCED standard training ins Western Balkans with slots for CIS (Stefan Butscher and Chantal)
  • Put links to DCED resources on F2F website (Marcus)

DSC_0077 DSC_0076 DSC_0075 DSC_0074 DSC_0073 DSC_0072 DSC_0071


Evaluation of the event

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TopsFlops IIFlops IApplicability in my job? Did you reach your expectations? To what extent did we achieve the expected results? Recommendations


1 Response to Outlook

  1. Cesar Robles says:

    On behalf of Marcus Jenal (https://marcusjenal.wordpress.com)

    More resources for people interested in the DCED Standard for Results Measurement available at http://www.enterprise-development.org/page/measuring-and-reporting-results


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