Derek GeorgeIndustry-led Apprenticeship Project, Bangladesh

Market stall owner: Derek George


DSC_0188The Industry-led Apprenticeship Project (2011–2015) is piloting the introduction of a large-scale workers apprenticeship scheme for the leather industry. The project has high relevance from the perspective of the government’s recently adopted National Skills Development Policy, and is implemented by the Center of Excellence for Leather Skills (COEL).

DSC_0191The project is designed as a private – public partnership, where the concerned industry also contributes towards the cost. The objective of the project is “Sustainable employment opportunities for the unskilled and unemployed labour force in the leather industry have increased”. The project is meant to upscale an apprenticeship model among the leather industry members and to provide opportunities for the poor, unskilled, unemployed portion of the labour force looking for employment.

The presentation at the market stall focuses on:

  • The apprenticeship model introduced by SDC in the leather sector, the underlying financing model, and the roles, responsibilities and respective contributions of the main stakeholders involved
  • The results achieved so far and the prospects for financial sustainability and further upscaling
  • The motivations and interests of the main stakeholders (participating companies, LFMEAB, COEL, SDC, Regulators), including areas in which interests are aligned and areas of conflicting interests
  • Strength and challenges of this project and the mode of collaboration with the private sector
  • Key contextual success factors that made participation and buy – in by the private sector possible

Here a short video summary by Derek George:

More information:

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