e-Discussion summaries

Gearing up to the F2F event 2015, the e+i network conducted two parallel e-discussions on Collaboration with the Private Sector in Private Sector Development on the one hand and in Vocational Skills Development on the other hand. The e-discussions lasted three weeks and the corresponding summaries can be found below

PSD e-discussion summaries

  • Week 1.  PDFiconsmall “Effective Partnership with the Private Sector”(Download PDF)
  • Week 2. PDFiconsmall “Effective Partnership with the Private Sector” (Download PDF)
  • Week 3. PDFiconsmall “Effective Partnership with the Private Sector” (Download PDF)

VSD e-discussion summaries

  • Week 1. PDFiconsmall “Private sector as a client of training providers” (Download PDF)
  • Week 2. PDFiconsmall “Companies as providers of (practical) training” (Download PDF)
  • Week 3. PDFiconsmall “Collaborating with the private sector in VET system design, reforms and development” (Download PDF)

Further resources:

  • PDFiconsmall Concept paper for global trends and potential gains in partnering with the private sector


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