Ariane AppelFinancial inclusion for smallholders along the cocoa value chain in Ghana

Market stall owners: Ariane Appel (SCBF Secretariat), Konrad Ellsässer (FIDES)

The Swiss Capacity Building Facility (SCBF) is a public-private development partnership (PPDP) that  assists financial institutions such as insurance companies, microfinance banks, and savings and commercial banks, in scaling up their outreach to low-income households, smallholder farmers, and micro, small and medium businesses in developing countries.

IMG_0030At the market stall the specific experience in the cocoa value chain in Ghana is presented. In this case the Swiss Microfinance Holding SMH, the chocolate producer Lindt & Sprüngli, Armajaro and Allianz partnered to develop financial services and delivery mechanisms to enable cocoa farmers to move out of poverty. SCBF thus created a platform where the private sector cand partner with the public sector, thereby test innovative ideas and provide private investors access to a relatively risky, unknown market in order to establish long-term partnerships and ensure sustainable investments. There are however some discussions about the dependence of the farmers on one single consortium of multinationals.

Key takeaways are:IMG_0034

  • The project invested into business relations between existing actors and intermediaries. The challenge was thus formalizing these relations and creating transparency in this business.
  • The approach used was described as “open source”, spearheaded by the involved multinationals with the opportunity for other firms to join in and/or replicate.


scbf_ghanaMore information:

Poster SCBF Ghana




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