Thursday PSD & FSD program

Dear Participant,

Welcome to the PSD & FSD program activity.
Here below you find the program information for Wednesday, 29.04.2015. For information on the venue’s location, please visit this page.


08:30 Welcome to all participants (Peter Beez, Hystra)
08:45 Presentation of key study findings (Hystra)
09:20 Panel on demand & supply issues based on concrete examples to illustrate findings (Hystra moderation), followed by Q&A
10:40 Break
11:00 Introduction to World Café
Each of the 6 topics are presented
11:20 1st session of World Café
12:15 Lunch
13:45 World Café, 2nd round
Each of the 6 topics are presented
14:00 2nd and 3rd sessions of World Café
15:30 Break
16:00 Key take-aways: A rapporteur from each table (12); from the 12 café tables; plus some selected participants from the private sector and SDC programs

About dubbedperceptions

dubbed perceptions supports organizations in their use of audio-visual media for communication, documentation, knowledge sharing and e-learning. dubbed perceptions creates audiovisual works, be it film, visual installation, or video game. Both the institutional support as well as the audiovisual art spheres share common work processes: Networking and empowering project partners to harness their point of view, while introducing wit and the arc of suspense in order to tell a good story.
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