Experience the face 2 face event in video form:


flipchartsoutlookThe way forward and the evaluation of the event are now available in the outlook page. Don’t miss Peter’s presentation on the e+i network, the Draft e+i Medium Term Orientation 2015-19, all the pinboards of topics to work on, and the photos of activities.

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Day 4

Collage Day 4The last day: the beginning of the journey! It’s time to take furthers steps, to share and to put into practice what we’ve learned here in Thun. In this last day we did a recap of insights of yesterday’s PSD & VSD sessions, and there was a general recognition on the value of addressing issues on how to collaborate meaningfully with the private sector. To connect those learnings with praxis, we gathered into small groups and came up with topics, ideas and ways to move forward [check out the outlook page with the original flipcharts of the working groups]. Don’t miss the photos of the day.


Day 3

Collage Day 3A mixed day, a powerful day! the event was divided into 2 sessions: the group PSD (private sector development) met in an engaging agenda called “Improving the productivity of smallholder farmers through private sector collaboration” (see page), while the group VSD (vocational skills development) convened to discuss and exchange about the private sector in VSD. After lots of great discussions in working groups, we joined Mr. Sager (SDC Head) for his closing message of the day, where he highlighted the equation “development = employment + income”. To top up this productive day, we went up 2,363mts up the Niesen mountain, and had our share of winter and Swiss Alps. See the photos of the day!


Day 2

Collage Day 2What a great day we had! The PSD group visited the Chocolate Halba Factory, and the VSD group visited the gad Foundation in Bern. After a nice bus ride with a mountain-view, we all reached the SHL Swiss Hotel Management Academy in Luzern, and had the opportunity to see the way they work in Switzerland and Asia. To wrap up the day, an “Apero” -kindly offered by SHL lifted- everyone’s mood. Don’t miss the photos of the day here!


Day 1

Collage Day 1A warm welcome to the e+i f2f in Thun! Today we had a very dynamic day, starting with a FRAMEWORK focusing on why and how to collaborate with the private sector; you can see the ppts, photos and write-ups here. We also participated in the MARKET STALLS, and it was a great space to learn from ongoing programmes; if you have an input about an specific market stall, leave a comment at the bottom of their page (no login required). Thanks to everyone who made this day possible ! don’t miss the photogallery.


Getting ready!

The Employment and Income (e+i) Network of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) organises a thematic event every two years, gathering SDC collaborators and external invitees from around the world for a face-to-face (F2F) meeting. This year’s common thread throughout the F2F event is “effective partnerships with the private sector” – a timely topic that is of high relevance and importance in all three e+i domains: vocational skills development (VSD), private sector development (PSD) and financial sector development (FSD). Please see the e+i network’s concept paper for global trends and potential gains in partnering with the private sector.



» If you are attending the Conference on Improving the Productivity of Smallholder Farmers, on Wednesday 29 April, please visit this resource page »

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